Use your pension to stop Sizewell C

The government wants YOUR pension savings to bankroll Sizewell C. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is desperately wooing pension groups to invest in the new Suffolk nuclear power plant. This means that while the amount each of us has saved may not seem much, together we could control the flow of money to Sizewell – and stop it from being built.

That’s because we have a say on where our money is invested - or not. Coming together in our thousands to tell our fund managers that we don’t want our retirement savings going to risky, slow,  expensive Sizewell C could make them turn the government down. 

We’ve made it easy for you to contact your fund manager. To start, select your fund from the dropdown menu - start typing or scroll. This will take you to your fund’s dedicated action page to personalise and send your message.

Some funds have already said "no" to Sizewell C. If this includes your fund you can thank them through this campaign. 

We’ve included the biggest funds in this campaign, but if you can’t find yours read on....

* Local government pension schemes (LGPS) are members of pension "Pools" - eg Suffolk is part of Access Pool. If you can't find your scheme, write to the relevant Pool at the end of the dropdown menu.

* Missing pension funds can usually be contacted through membership webportals.  You can copy and modify our template message. (NB government-run pension funds, such as the civil service, teachers, police and NHS, are generally not invested, so you do not need to write to them.)

If you think we should add your fund to this action, or need any help, email us at

And if you need more inspiration, watch our video!